Surface Races of Driezeil

Races of Driezeil

Driezeil, a world of three nations, has many surface faring races. A brief description of each is found here.

Dragon Sovereignty

True Dragon: The dragons, although divided by house, rule over their collective lands with strength and unity.

Half-Dragon: Although they can never posses land of their own, half-dragons are still highly-respected members of their royal houses and are often tasked with day-to-day governance.

Dragonborn: All dragonborn were once something lesser, gifted with dragon blood by the Council of X. The ritual of rebirth is typically reserved for those of significance; however, it can also be used to enslave an enemy of the dragons. Although all dragonborn belong to a house, most lack royal blood.


Empire of Giants

True Giant:

Half-Giants and Goliaths:

Dwarf: Enslaved for an age, dwarves despise but begrudgingly serve their titanic overlords.

Fey Kingdom

True Fey:


Lycanthropes and Shifters: Most of those unfortunate enough to reside on ??? after The Moment of Inspiration were cursed with lycanthropy. Those who can control the transformation act as bodyguards and mercenaries.

Fey blood is wild and powerful, coursing through any creature which possesses it. As such, half-breeds cannot be created by biological or magical means. Any such attempts result in true fey.


Human: Although still a significant populace of Driezeil, humans once prevailed above all others. Now many humans have assimilated and interbred with arcane blood.

Spark: Sometimes wild magic takes root in a young child, resulting in a spark. Sparks are humans with a particular magical affinity, such as azurins, changelings, and illumians.

Thri-Kreen: These insect-like humanoids inhabit the X Islands and conduct most of the local trade. Thri-Kreen weapons and armor are some of the finest available.

Orc and Half-Orc: Masters of nature, orcs and their kin live in the most untamed lands, such as jungles and deserts. The most powerful druids of yore were all of orcish descent.