Welcome to Driezeil

As told by the dragon aurers.

In a time long passed, our world was shared by man and god alike. The affairs of gods did not sit well with mankind. Eternal war between opposing deities brought great destruction upon the land and great suffering upon the people.



The gift of the arcane was given to the three daughters of…

The daughters created the first of the arcane blood.

The youngest daughter, Ellanine, knew only playful innocence. Brought to life the shadows and wisps that play in the light.

The [middle] daughter, Tristan, had heard the tales of war. She sought to make her warriors mighty and strong.

The eldest daughter, X, was both educated and clever. Victory did not lie in the hands of the strongest. A single arrow could fell the mightiest warrior. No, victory belonged to the [ruthless]. Only those willing to lead and sacrifice could persevere. Her [eidolon] was



King X sent each daughter aboard a ship

The youngest stayed closed to home

The [middle]

The eldest




the gods/demigods were exiled with (most) planar connections severed

when the deities were divided from the world the divine energy was set free