Character Progression Format

When authoring a character progression, there are several formatting guidelines to be followed to ensure site wide uniformity.

Categories and Titles

Character progressions should always be placed in the relevant archetype categories: controller, defender, leader, and/or striker. If the progression is a character in an active campaign, it should also be placed in the specific campaign category where applicable. The title of the progression should be creatively descriptive; do not give it an actual character name.


In general, tags should be numerous without being redundant or overly specific. All characters should contain the character tag, a race tag (e.g. human), and all relevant class tags. Racial substitution levels and alternative class features should not be distinguished from the base class. In addition, descriptive tags such as arcane, caster, and summoner should be included.

Excerpts and Quips


At a minimum, a character must have a “Character Progression” section and this section must come first. Supplementary sections may include anything relevant to the character. A loosely defined character may have a “Spells of Interest” section containing a bulleted list of meaningful spells. However, a fully planned character may simply have a “Spells” section containing a table of spells gained at every level.

Table Formatting

Progression tables should be handled using WP-Table Reloaded. Several template tables already exist and have single digit IDs. To use one of these templates, simply copy the table, then change the new table’s ID. A new table, whether from a template or imported, should be given an ID with the first digit indicating the character type, and the remaining three digits uniquely identifying the table within that type.

Supplementary tables may be dealt with inline if they are simple, or using WP-Table Reloaded if they are large and complex.